The Ultimate Guide to Staff Consistency

Ultimate Guide to Staff Consistency

Having a regular team of staff working at your hotel, event venue or a restaurant makes your life as a manager a lot easier without a doubt. The team is familiar with your venue and how things are done here. You spend less time on the briefings yet the team efficiency and guest satisfaction are both high.

It’s no wonder that more and more event organisers list ‘staff consistency’ as one of their top requirements when contacting a temporary staffing agency. The casual workers, on the other hand, value the flexibility of work hours and the vast choice of shifts that the agency has to offer.

So, you’ve got your favourites – the staff members that you always enjoy having on site and who you want to become your ‘regulars’. The chances are that they are also requested back by several other caterers and venues, probably some of your competitors too… You chose them, but will they choose you?

Here’s how you can become a favourite client to work for! Follow these simple steps and enjoy the benefits of having a consistent team at your venue:

Make it personal

Try and get to know your staff members a little bit. You don’t have to become best friends with everyone, however building a personal rapport with the staff is important for any team leader. Quickly learn and memorise their names (that’s a must!) and find out what they do when they’re not working for you. Just like with your full time personnel, it’s important to know the skill set within your team. You never know what you may need in the future!


A quick ‘well done everybody’ at the end of a long shift is better than nothing but it doesn’t make anyone (let alone your favourites!) feel special. You do value their hard work a lot, so let them know that and be specific! Instead of using generic phrases say exactly what you were impressed by in their performance for example say you noticed how patient they were when handling a complaint from a rather fussy guest and that you thought it was very professional of them. Give praise to the individuals in front of a whole team. Appreciation goes a long way and publically recognising their efforts will make your staff feel extra special!

Give them a break

It’s no secret that work in the events and hospitality sector is very fast-paced and can be quite challenging. It’s important to provide the staff with breaks. Even if you don’t get one! Hospitality staff are entitled to a 20 minute break for every 6 hours of work. You shouldn’t wait for staff to ask for it. Let them know when it’s ok to take a break that aligns with the event schedule and stick to your word. Having some time off will ensure the staff maintain the high energy and positive attitude until the very end of the event. They will appreciate you caring about their welfare. Especially if you can also provide some food for those hard workers!

Send the good vibes

Create a friendly and supportive working environment for all event staff not just your full-timers. Encourage the whole team to help each other. Teach them about your company ethos. This will help create a team spirit and make everyone feel like they’re part of something bigger. Make sure all of the supervisors and senior team are treating the staff with respect and don’t take the stress out on anyone. Some events can be really hectic but often just a simple smile and a word of reassurance can go a long way!

Control the chaos

Events don’t always go to plan but you are there to take charge and motivate the team to turn things around! Don’t panic (or at least don’t show it!), take a deep breath and start to take control over the situation. Give clear instructions to the team and delegate the tasks. It is exactly those stressful situations when you can show your staff what a great leader you are. Provide a well-organised working environment and the event staff will want to come back to work for you!


Event staff are the first point of contact for your guests and event attendees. They are the first ones to hear about any complaints or shortages. Make sure staff feel like they can approach you with the feedback any time, even in the most stressful situations. This will help you address and fix any small issues before they become real problems. Your staff know the service first hand. Let them make their suggestions for improvements and implement the good ideas. This will not only improve the quality of service at your event but also make the experienced staff feel valued!

It’s not all about the money BUT…

Money can’t buy you loyalty, but it may help you win the best event staff especially in the busy periods! During the summer run or in the Christmas season there are hundreds of fantastic events for the temporary staff to choose from when planning their work week. Your staffing agency will try to book you as many regulars as possible, but ultimately it’s a staff member’s decision.  It often takes increasing the hourly rate by just 25 cents to attract the best candidates to your event, provided that you tick all of the boxes above of course!

How do you encourage the top event staff to return to your venue? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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