Top 6 Reasons to Work in Events

Best things about working in events...

Working on the events scene isn’t always dealing with snooty guests, working weird hours and thinking hard as you remember which wine glass to pour the red wine into. There are some awesome benefits to working in the hospitality industry and here’s our shortlist…

Celeb spotting

You can unexpectedly find yourself brushing shoulders with celebs and ‘celebs’ at a variety of events (probably accidentally and hopefully without spilling your tray of champagne on them). Now we use the word celeb in both loose and accurate terms. It may be the Queen of England or perhaps a radio DJ who was on a reality TV show ten years ago. Either way, assuming you recognize them, spotting these famous faces can bring a strange sense of excitement and satisfaction to your job. Who knows, you may well come face-to-face with your all time celeb crush and won’t that just be awesome!!? If you’re anything like me, you’ll be keeping your cool on the surface whilst fighting back the urge to confess your love for them.

promo girls with mark wright my man can itv

Going to places you wouldn’t normally go

From town halls to palaces, exhibition centers to sports stadiums, dinner parties to after parties; events can be hosted just about anywhere and it seems to be the more obscure the better these days. One of the great things about working in the events industry is going to venues that you may never have gone to otherwise or even may not be able to gain access to at all. It’s almost as if you are a VIP having access to these exclusive venues (aside from the fact that you are actually going to work)!

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You slog out some long hours and in the process work up an appetite, feel tired, develop back ache (the list goes on), but these hours can be well worth it when there are freebies involved. Staff welcome a meal on their break more than anything; all of a sudden going to a shift and receiving dinner halfway through seems to make work bearable again. Meeting and greeting staff in your high heels at a high profile brand event is painful, but it can be completely worth it when you are met with a goodie bag of treats for your hard work when you clock off for the evening. These little perks don’t come with your standard 9-6 desk job. They are little injections of happiness and appreciation into events staff’s lives. Who wouldn’t enjoy work when you get bottles of wine, free leftover fancy food, cosmetics or even free flip flops?! – easily pleased aren’t we, but to be honest I’d be over the moon at a free toothbrush!

hostess from LOLA at chelsea flower show


One day you’re working at a football stadium serving pints to the (most probably inebriated) supporters, the next you’re serving a multi-course dinner to some VIPs. Working in events brings such a great opportunity for variety in your work and what does variety do? It defeats monotony. What a great way to stay motivated, doing something different adds some freshness to your life. You meet different people, work at all sorts of locations, carry out an assortment of tasks. They say “variety is the spice of life” and working in events can provide you with exactly this.

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Meeting new people and making great friends

Most importantly; people. Working in events you are in a customer facing role, constantly. In these situations you will continually be learning how to deal with people from all walks of life. You will find yourself dealing with both happy and maybe a little more difficult people at times. Guests aside, you will work alongside such a variation of people, and from them you will learn about their cultures, their personalities and along the way you will make some fantastic friends, maybe even friends for life. Working with people, you are constantly learning and becoming more people-savvy which will be a communicative advantage to benefit from for the rest of your life! Ideal if I may say so myself.

wait staff from LOLA wearing aprons

So that’s it; our run down of the best things about working as event staff! What do you reckon? Have we missed any? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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