Do you have what it takes to work in the events industry?

Are you cut out for a job in events? What does it really take to do well in this industry? We compiled a list of 8 qualities that anyone thinking of getting work as event staff should have. Do you tick all the boxes?


endless energy TempTribe blog

In the world of events you can kiss goodbye to the familiarity and routine that comes with a 9-5 job. In fact, just say goodbye to routine altogether. The events world is much more exciting and never sleeps; it’s a 24/7 kinda thing.

From corporate breakfasts to after-parties, events are happening around the clock and they will demand your commitment at any hour of the day. Often arriving several hours before an event in order to prepare and also staying on once the guests have departed for the post-event clear-up; event staff can be required at any hour. With this in mind, you should be confident in your readiness for sporadic sleeping patterns and working hours.

Being enthusiastic throughout a long shift can be tough, if you have the energy to work proactively no matter what then you will automatically enjoy working in events so much more. You get out what you put in after all. The great thing about working with TempTribe is that you get to choose your working hours when you choose your shifts!



efficiency TempTribe blog

This is doing the right thing in the right way. So, for example, if you are filling champagne glasses ready for the arrival of guests you shouldn’t pour them fully one at a time, waiting for the bubbles to subside as this is not an efficient use of your time. Pouring a little champagne into every glass then go back to fill up is a much more productive way of completing this task.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all of the “tricks” – the more you work the quicker you’ll pick them up!



resilience TempTribe blog

You will have people who are at the end of their tether; highly stressed organisers and managers who have probably lost their patience in dealing with numerous issues and challenges for several hours (if not days) leading up to the big event.

Now and then, you may come across a rather difficult guest who you will need to deal with in a diplomatic and problem-solving manner. This could be solving the problem yourself, or even pointing the person in the right direction of who to take the issue up with, without aggravating the person any further.

Don’t forget to smile, breathe and ‘kill with kindness’ – the nicer you are the more likely it is that they will soften and their issues will miraculously be on the way to being solved.



composure TempTribe blog

I remember coming face-to-face with Tom Fletcher from McFly at an event once. I was (of course) starstruck but I couldn’t just stand there and gawp at him. I gathered my strength and powered through my celeb-induced coma and interested him in eating the canapés on my tray because after all, you have to get on with your job.

On the events scene you never know who you may meet, so it’s important to be able to communicate with people from all countries, cultures and backgrounds. You should be able to maintain your composure no matter who you are faced with and of course be able to use your judgement to communicate in an appropriate manner.

Don’t forget that we communicate in so many ways and you will impress your managers and team if your body language is open and friendly, your smile warm and your use of language pleasant and to the point.



self presentation TempTribe blog

You should be immaculately presented at all times. This is one of the top requests that we hear from our clients at prestigious venues, 5* hotels and world-famous brands. Check out our handy hospitality uniform infographic.

With your great presentation you’ll get a confidence boost and perform better. And when you are performing at your peak it is highly likely it will be noted by managers and guests resulting in great feedback and a request to work more.

Self-presentation doesn’t only refer to how you look, but also to the way you present yourself when approaching people and your interpersonal skills. If you are a little shy then hospitality is a great industry to improve this – you have to talk and interact with guests – the warmer and more bubbly you are the happier everyone will be.



knowledge TempTribe blog

You don’t need to have Phd in Hospitality but you should definitely be up to speed with the basics such as how to open & pour champagne and wine, the different types of service and how to do them, typical allergies etc. What’s great about the events industry is that each and every event is different, giving you an awesome opportunity to constantly learn and upskill. TIP: Bookmark our hospitality training videos on your phone and watch them again before your shifts.



teamwork TempTribe blogTeamwork is the dreamwork. An old cliche perhaps but a highly valid one when it comes to any event. Without your team you won’t be able to get far as each and every member has a vital contribution to the running of an event. Work with your team to get the best results so as to make everyone’s life easier and calmer! If someone is new then offer them guidance or if you are new look at those who are more experienced and don’t be afraid to ask questions.


By the nature of the hospitality industry the majority of events are really exciting and finding the fun (even on a slightly more mundane, boring day) is all part of the work. After all, if you are enjoying yourself then it won’t feel like work.

Having read through these all-important points, do you think you have what it takes to work in the events industry? Try a few shifts with TempTribe and find out!

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