8 ways to promote your new product launch

8 ways to promote your product banner

Do you want to promote your new product but you’re not sure where to start? This 8-step guide is for you!

1. Create a product landing page

First things first: your new product should have its own landing page well before its launch. You will be using that page when promoting your product online using social media, email campaigns and content marketing (more on this below).

coming soon website example

2. Put the users first

Before you start reaching out to your audience, make sure your marketing message focuses more on the users than the product itself.

You probably live and breathe your product with all its features by now. Listing the product specs is informative, but it’s not what gets people excited. Instead of talking just about what your product does, show your users how it will affect their lives!

Your goal is to make your target audience imagine they’re already using your product.

think like a customer

3. Blog

The more you blog, the more traffic your website gets.

Write and publish regular blog posts on the topics that are relevant, not just to your product, but also the lifestyle of your target market. This will help you position yourself as the expert in your field as well as drive traffic and ultimately attract customers.

Apart from being active on your own blog, you should also reach out to other influential bloggers who are popular amongst your target audience (use BuzzSumo to find them) and offer them the product for free in exchange for a review or feedback.

zoella may favourites


4. Email

Email is the second (behind organic search) most effective customer acquisition channel.

Put a simple email capture form on your landing page and start collecting subscribers before your product launch. If you’re using Wordpress, I can recommend Gravity Forms which you can then integrate with Campaign Monitor or MailChimp.

As you would expect, people don’t give out their email addresses all that easy. Try to offer them an incentive such as a free guide, product sample or a demo. It is also a good idea to put short testimonials from current clients as well as customer logos around the email capture form to encourage trust.

Also reassure your leads that you won’t spam them! I particularly like what SkinnyMint did here:

email capture form

Bonus tip: Want to maximise the number of people who submit the form? Don’t put the word ‘Submit’ on the button. It’s crazy I know, but statistics show that ‘Go!’ and ‘Click here’ convert A LOT better!

Send your new subscribers a welcome email straight away reminding them of the benefits of their subscription and stating what they should expect from you next. If you promised an ebook or a free sample, include a download link or say that their product is in the post, of course.

Use the ‘workflows’ feature in Campaign Monitor to set up automated emails. Apart from emails upon subscription, you can also nurture your leads with scheduled emails – 3 or 7 days after subscription for example. All you need is a few pre-prepared email templates and the automated workflows will do the work for you and keep your leads engaged!

5. Create a hashtag

Create a hashtag that will be unique to your new product campaign. It will help you generate more engagement and awareness of your promotional efforts online.

Make sure your hashtag is short and easy to remember. Brainstorm and shortlist the best hashtag ideas and then search for them on various social media channels to make sure your hashtag is not already being used. Once you’ve decided on your hashtag, include it in all of your social media posts that are related to your new product. This will encourage your users to do the same when they post images of your product and talk about it online.

Make sure you participate in the conversation, especially when people start using your hashtag to ask you questions.


6. Targeted social media ads

Instagram’s visual focus is perfect for promoting products. You can share beautiful images of your new product, create fun videos in Boomerang, run contests, ask influential Instagrammers to share a picture of them using your product… there are many great things you can and SHOULD do to promote your brand on Instagram. But when it comes to reaching a wide audience of people who are your target market but haven’t heard of you before: ads are your best bet.

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook you can use your Facebook account to run ads on both platforms. Targeting options include location, demographics, interests and many more, so you can be as specific or as broad as you want, when it comes to targeting your audience.

Other social media advertising channels worth exploring are:

  • Twitter Ads and LinkedIn sponsored updates – especially if you’re offering a B2B product or service.
  • Pinterest – people often use Pinterest Boards to create their wish lists! This is especially relevant for fashion, make-up, home décor, weddings and holidays.
  • Youtube – second largest search engine!


pandora insta

7. Field marketing

You’ve been doing a great job raising awareness about your new product online well before its launch and now is the time to create some serious buzz IRL (in real life)!
Hire promotional staff from an agency to do it for you. Professional brand ambassadors and leafletting staff are your best bet when it comes to generating some real interest amongst your target market. Enthusiastic, outgoing and articulate are some of the main qualities to look out for when hiring effective promo teams. You don’t need to vet people yourself though. A staffing agency will choose the right promo people for you, based on your brief. Here are some example of how you can use promotional staff to promote your product:

  • Leafletting staff to distribute leaflets around train stations and in shopping centres.
  • Promo models and hostesses to attract people to your exhibition stand at an industry conference.
  • Data collection staff to scan the attendee badges and generate leads.
  • Costume staff (check out Bunnies for Body Shop here).
  • Product demonstrators – perfect for new app releases, beauty products, home appliances and gadgets.
  • Product sampling staff – perfect for food products, beauty and perfumes.

LOLA promotional staff for Pandora


8. Organise a product launch event

The BIG day is finally here – the launch date of your new product.

You’re buzzing with excitement. It is a big deal for you and your team – you were working hard, looking forward to this day when people can finally buy your new product and fall in love with it (naturally!). But chances are, the rest of the world is going on with their own lives, as if nothing happened. Quite a daunting picture isn’t it?

Plan ahead and celebrate your product launch with a big bang! Want everyone to think it’s a big deal? Make it LOOK like it is a big deal – organise a product launch event! Rent out event space, hire waiting staff to serve sparkling wine and canapés and make sure to invite your biggest brand advocates, influential bloggers and industry press. Nothing gets people more excited about a new product than a product launch event!

Now, have a drink and enjoy this moment… Everybody loves your new product! 🎉

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