10 Things We Love About You – National Employee Appreciation Day

National Employee Appreciation Day – Friday 4th March 2016.

All our wonderful staff, this is a post just for you. The first Friday in March is always National Employee Appreciation day and we want to show you that we really do appreciate all you do for us!

“10 Things we LOVE about you!”

1. When you arrive on time, friendly and happy as Larry with a smile on your face.

This is you guys arriving to your shifts:

Happy arrival at shifts

We all know you smiled looking at this picture and that’s the same reaction we have when we see you arriving to your shifts with smiles like these on your faces!

2. When you help a staff member in need if someone struggles on a shift.

From helping a fellow team member with their tie, to teaming up with a newbie to guide them during a tricky dinner service. We are so grateful when you guys help each other out, and it’s great that you guys will be there for each other! #gotyourback


3. When you remain loyal to us even after a tough shift.

We know that working in the hospitality industry isn’t always a dream, you’ll go through some tough days and be faced with difficult people. We appreciate it so much when you stick with us and don’t give up on us even after you’ve had a tough shift. Don’t forget, you can always tell us about any bad experiences you’ve had and we’ll try and fix it for you!

After a tough shift

4. When you build great relationships with each other.

We don’t want you to think of TempTribe as work, it’s more than that, it’s a great way for you to meet new people. It makes us super happy when we see friendships develop between fellow staff and you start socialising outside of work, going for dinner, drinks, romances may blossom and who knows, in time, there may even be weddings!

5. When you take pride in your appearance.

You’ve spent a while getting the smoothest shave, eyebrows on fleek, hair donut looks good enough to eat (almost!), tie is one James Bond would be proud of, you’re ready for your shift! We breathe a sigh of relief and happiness when we see you approaching for your shift looking basically catwalk ready. You’ve taken pride in your appearance and want to make a good impression and it’s reassuring for us to see just that. Who doesn’t want to look great after all – who knows who you might bump into hey?! After all, Mr Tom Ford himself says: “Dressing well is a form of good manners”.

6. When you go the extra mile to make sure the clients are happy.

As with any job you have certain tasks that need to be fulfilled, but what just blows our socks off is just how many of you go above and beyond what is expected of you! We constantly receive great feedback from staff who have done exactly this, from being proactive in setting up events and completing tasks before you’ve even been asked to do so, to going that extra mile to get that organic and weird tea concoction to the fussiest of guests or in some cases agreeing to wearing crazy costumes!

Going the extra mile

7. When you improve your skills and become a true professional.

We love following the journeys of all our staff; watching them as they learn and improve on their skills, take on more responsibility, form great relationships with clients (and us) and become real professionals in their field.

Become a true professional

8. When you chat to us as friends and ask us how we are doing.

Sure we might be on site checking you in, enforcing our policies, checking your presentation is on point and correcting where necessary but we’re not crazy dictators; you can talk to us, we’re humans too!! We like when you guys chat to us about what’s going on in your life, how uni is going, how things are with your boyfriend or girlfriend, how your marathon training is going etc… We don’t want to talk work all the time!


9. When you get your dream job but still keep in touch with us!

We know that TempTribe isn’t forever (even though we would love to have you forever). Many of you will go on to pursue your interests and life goals and we are very happy for you! One thing we love is when even after leaving TempTribe we maintain great relationships with you and you even pop in just to say hi and give hugs!

Stay in touch

10. Finally…

We are an office full of treat lovers! We’ll be honest, once we got very excited when free bags of sweetcorn came to the office… So it’s not a surprise that when one of you walks in with a cake or sends us some cookies, we go crazy for it!

We love treats

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