8 Classic Instagram Posts from a big event

8 Classic Instagram Posts From a Big Event

You can always tell what people are up to just from their pictures being posted on social media, and of course a big night in the world of events is no different. You can watch the night unfold in real time on your Instagram feed from start to finish and watch as the guests transform as the night progresses. Keep an eye out for these 8 classic posts.


1. “We’re ready for the night”

Part of the excitement of a night out has to be the preparation part before the evening’s event. What better way to psych yourself up and get in the mood for the evening than striking a pose when your make up is still fresh, your outfit on point and you have no trouble maintaining your balance.

We're ready for the night

2. Venue looking awesome

“Wow, just look at that. Isn’t it just incredible!?” guests say as they enter the event space. Sure, it’s not quite the view over the Grand Canyon or Machu Picchu, but for event go-ers the uniformity of the laid out tables, fancy centrepieces, complimentary wine and the beautiful draping backdrops covered in tiny lights is enough to get any event lover’s heart racing.
event at the great room at marriott grosvenor house

3. Fancy drinks

You sit and watch as the bar man completes a “beverage-making workout” as he creates a delicious concoction for you to consume, complete with a miniature art display to top it off. Good luck working out whether the decorations are also to be consumed or not.
 Fancy Drinks


4. Check out that centrepiece!

The beautiful and humble centrepieces are more than they appear.They are in fact a lifesaver in disguise as well as a screening device from the people opposite you on the table. Behind their beauty they are the perfect conversation topic, an ideal ice-breaker for when you are sitting next to that random person at the dinner table. Oh centrepiece, we really do owe you for all those times you have saved us from a lull in conversation.
centrepiece at an event

5. #foodporn

#yummy #dessert #instafood #whatdiet #delicious  the hashtag lists go on. There will always be that one person who has the self-restraint to ‘snap their supper’ instead of getting the fork stuck right in and eating.

6. THE bathroom selfie

A trip to the toilet is a thing of the past. It isn’t just a time for a make-up touch up, it’s the perfect opportunity to put those photography skills to use. You can take “impromptu” shots of yourself, your friend, you and your friend, those friends you make whilst in the loo and maybe even a toilet or hand dryer in the background.
THE bathroom selfie - Number 6

 7. Celeb or “celeb” selfie

That dude from Big Brother 7 or Prince Harry, any opportunity for a selfie with a “celeb” or a celeb will be pounced upon. Obviously the more A-list the better, but generally people aren’t all that fussy about who it is as let’s face it, they’re probably more famous than the person getting the selfie.
 Celeb or "celeb" selfie James Corden

8. End of the night selfie with your new bezzie

After a few drinks suddenly that randomer who you previously spoke to about centrepieces is your best friend. And what’s the best thing to do with your new BFF? – take selfies of course (then only remember them the following morning when you check through your phone for any regrets from the night before).
New bezzie selfie - Number 8

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