8 Benefits of Working in Hotels

1. Consistent Work

Hotels generally have work weekly throughout the year even during the quiet periods. Therefore you can rely on getting more regular and consistent work during the low seasons in the events industry, such as January, February or August.

2. Ability to plan ahead

Hotel clients add staff to their rotas weekly, giving you the chance to plan your work and life a bit better. Bonus tip: hotels usually send their rotas to us on Thursday afternoon/Friday morning for the following week. Keep your eyes peeled!

 3. Creating rapport with the client

The more you work at the hotel the more you’ll feel like you are part of the team there. You’ll get to know a client and their team really well and create a big happy family.

4. Friends for life

Similarly, you’ll get to know other TempTribe staff who work there regularly. Making it a great opportunity to socialise and make friends for life!

5. Feels like home

You’ll get to know the venue really well. Imagine: no confusion or getting lost on shifts. You’re a regular here and you know the place inside out!

6. Landmark venues

You’ll have the opportunity to work in some of London’s top landmarks venues such as The Connaught Hotel and The Savoy.

7. Amazing events

You’ll be part of awesome events such as award ceremonies, big brand launches, glamourous parties often with celebrities!

8. Career progression opportunities

The possibility of becoming part of their team part or full time is real! Many of our TempTribe staff have been taken on by clients such as St Pancras Renaissance Hotel and Shangri-La where they have progressed to Supervisor and Manager positions carving a lucrative career in the hospitality industry with some of the biggest brands in the world and thereby having the opportunity to work worldwide.


  • Make a fantastic first impression on each and every shift by arriving early (15 minutes unless otherwise stated)
  • Arrive on site looking immaculate in your uniform, smile, be proactive & offer your help, look after guests just as you would like to be looked after.
  • Try lots of hotels initially to find your favourite and then commit to going there regularly.
  • Communicate with the managers – when you are working tell them if you want to work regularly with them and ask to be put on their temp rota.

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