6 characters you will meet at a sporting event

6 characters you will meet at a sporting event


It’s game day. You’ve been looking forward to this for as long as you can remember.

You wake that morning and can already feel the sense of overwhelming excitement buzzing inside you. The atmosphere, sharing the moment with your friends and loved ones, hot-food-van food, being surrounded by fellow lovers of your sport, the camaraderie and of course that much hoped for win; bring it on! Along with all this excitement comes a whole host of people; let us introduce you to a mixed bag of characters you will undoubtedly see:

The Mini-fan.

No, no we don’t mean a small-in-size air fan. We mean a baby/toddler/child kitted out in a tiny supporters shirt or even babygrow (cuuuute), with wide-eyes taking in all the wondrous sights of the sporting day. Little do they know that the key to never-ending team support lies in their hands; they are the future generation of supporters who one day follow suit in taking their little ones to game days.

Supporter couple

They make their way to the sports venue hand in hand, matching supporters tops with a great big smile across their faces and why wouldn’t they be smiling? They’ve got a great deal here, someone to share the highs and lows of the day with, someone to get the drinks and food during the quieter periods while the other stays, ready to update the food retriever of anything exciting upon their return. They love their team, they’re in the company of their favourite person and the two things combined are just great.

Memorabilia Maniac

They have ALL the supporter gear. Supporter shirts, hats, scarves, caps, flag facepaint, hand flags, cape flags, foam fingers, banners and for all we know, supporter underwear. Although they may look crazy, obsessed, a bit loopy, we are thankful for these guys. They are the ones who make game day, they create an awesome atmosphere and are always in high spirits regardless of the score. Come win or lose, these supporters will ensure you’ve had a great experience and the memory of them will leave you with a smile on your face!

Well-dressed gent

This seasoned supporter is very much the opposite of the Memorabilia Maniac. He is a well-dressed chap in a blazer jacket accompanied either by his woman or entourage of other smartly dressed guys and it is probably safe to guess that he is on his way to find his seat in his exclusive box *sigh*.

Already drinking supporter

Its 10.30am, they’re already sipping on a can of beer on the train on their way. What can we say, it’s 12 o’clock somewhere right?! Whilst we watch as they finish off their can we can only wonder how much of the game they are likely to remember. Each to their own, let’s just hope they don’t cause a scene at any point.

The guy or gal who doesn’t know the rules

They are just there because they are. They don’t know what the offside rule is, they call scrum caps beanies and don’t know which team is which. They either won’t give two hoots about what is going on and will be more interested in the cup they are drinking from, or will constantly ask questions about what is going on. It’s up to you to decide which one you’d prefer to have with you.

Now I ask this of you, from the next time you leave your house on match day, to your return home, why not play match day bingo and see if you can get a full house of sports fan characters and tell us what you find or if we’ve even missed someone!

P.S. If you can’t spot one of these characters, it’s probably because it’s you!

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