5 Superpowers event staff wish they had

5 superpowers event staff wish they had

If I had a pound for every time I found myself wishing for super powers whilst working an event… well, I’d have more pound coins. If this sounds like you, then read our top 5 of super powers events staff wish they had.


With the amount of transport strikes we’ve been having this year, teleportation is definitely on the list of superpowers events staff wish they had. Imagine all the congestion and invasion of personal space you would avoid. No more arriving late to work, or spending time trying to find the venue; teleport instead and achieve immediate and accurate arrival #minifistpump. Exhausted after your shift, but still have the prospect of the long trawl home, not with teleportation, you can finish your shift and in the blink of an eye be at home cosy and warm in your bed. Not only that, but think of the money you could save on travel!

Teleportation - event superpowers


Laying out place setting after place setting, glass after glass can be a very tedious task which can take a long old time, but just imagine how much quicker you could get this monotonous task done with super-speed on your side – say hello to “The Flash” of the events world. Not only this, but cutting down on the time you spend prepping and clearing up after the event will mean that you can reduce your time on your shift and spend the time saved on something else you enjoy or maybe even catch up on some much needed sleep rather than being that passenger on the train doing the sleepy head nod (you know the one).

Superspeed - event superpowers

Ability to pause time

Spot an accident about to happen? Save yourself from an awkward situation by preventing it happening in the first place with the power of stopping time. Imagine, from across the room you spot that glassful of red wine get knocked by an unaware guest and of course it is heading towards the one wearing white. Panic.. panic… PANIC. Hearts beating fast, hands are clammy, cold sweats! There’s no way you could reach the disaster scene within split seconds to rescue the innocent white outfit; and the deed is done, red wine everywhere – that’s definitely going to stain. You stand there helpless wishing you could have prevented this, well with the ability to pause time you could have, all completely undetected, after all the real heroes are those who do not seek the glory!

Stop time - event superpowers

Super Strength

After that 4th plate piled with heavy silver cutlery and a pile of leftover food that is enough to feed a small army, your arms will start giving way under the surprising weight. Well, with super-human strength you never need to worry about this again. Clear multitudes of plates with ease, support those solid silver trays full of drinks, unload heavy equipment for event set-up single-handedly and in just one trip, with no to-ing and fro-ing – call yourself the hulk of the events world, just a little less green. No fear though ladies, you won’t look like a bodybuilder with this super power, it isn’t physically noticeable!

Super strength - event superpowers


Say goodbye, auf wiedersen, tchau, ciao, laters or even 再见 to language barriers and the frustration and weird charades/sign language that goes with it. With the skill of omnilingualis there will be no more digging into the deepest corners of your memory back to year 9 language lessons retrieving the most basic of words just to string together a pretty incoherent sentence accompanied by hand gestures in order to communicate with guests. With your superpower of being able to speak all languages you’ll never have to worry about this– enter master of all languages and communicator with all people.

Omnilingualism - event superpowers

Now, imagine this: an event team that possesses all of these powers. You could take over THE WORLD! Well, maybe not the whole world, probably just the world of events, but that’s still something right?

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments below, what super power you wish you had!

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