12 Personalities you will meet at an event

12 personalities you will meet at an event

The events scene; it’s like a jungle out there. A jungle filled with a variety of event types. See if you can spot them with this handy guide:

The Panicker.

They will be on top speed mode throughout the event worrying about the little things and attention to detail. Their levels of stress will be very high as they worry about the things that could go wrong before they even do. This person would fare well having people to support them and lift some of the weight from their shoulders. Despite their high frequency actions, having “The Panicker” at your event will ensure that everything does go smoothly and that you are prepared for any adversity due to them panicking about the least likely things that may go wrong.

The Panicker - event personality

The Laid Back One.

The complete opposite to “The Panicker”. The ying to the yang of “The Panicker” on the events site. Despite their differences these two characters working together balance each other out. The “laid-back-one”, not to be confused with “the lazy one” will bring a sense of calm to all those on the event site whilst still managing to get the job done. They will always have the patience to deal with staff and guests in a diplomatic manner. To these people, time is not a worry for apparently they have all the time in the world and will get all their tasks complete with minimal fuss.

The Laid Back one - event personality

The Power-mad Event Manager.

Think Monica from Friends. You can spot this person speaking in fast undertones in an attempted hushed voice over their radio head mic, but actually everyone can hear exactly what they’re hissing. You may even find them barking orders to people left, right and center whilst standing with minion type staff members and in between orders will chat with said minion, halting conversation only send more instructions flying at staff as they run around completing duties.

Power Mad Event Manager - Event Personalities

The Lazy One.

Tries to look busy but isn’t actually doing anything. You will be able to identify this person by looking for someone who walks around the event space peering over set tables apparently checking them over, sweeping tablecloths of non-existent crumbs, walking to an area of the venue in a determined manner as though they have a task to complete – actually they don’t. Generally will not converse much in fear of making themselves known and thus subject to carrying out tasks. They will avoid “The Power-mad Event Manager” like the plague.

The Lazy One - Event Personalities

The OCD One.

This person will quietly follow round the staff laying tables meticulously re-adjusting knives and forks, re-folding napkins and pulling out chairs a millimeter from the table. They will probably be muttering reassurance to themselves under their breath whilst shaking their head at the lack of parallel cutlery on the tables! It’s not uncommon for, if this person continues in the event world, to then develop into “The Panicker”.

The OCD One - Event Personalities

The Patient Cloakroom Assistant.

This character will sit quietly tucked away in amongst guests’ belongings. They will experience a bombardment of guests at the beginning of the night. Then just as quickly as the bombardment came it will be over, and the cloakroom will become a desolate space. They will be thankful for this recovery time and will begin to prepare for the mad rush at the end of the night when they know they will spend much time committedly searching for the belongings of people who have of course lost their tickets.

The Patient Cloakroom Assistant - Event Personalities

The One Who Doesn’t Have a Clue.

You can identify this individual by a rather sheepish confused or maybe even scared look on their face. If found, please steer them in the direction of number 10 (The Smiley, Hard-working One); they will take them under their wing and be able to help them out.

The one who doesn't have a clue - Event Personalities

The “Incredibly Experienced” One.

Tells the world and his wife about how many millions of events they have worked at and the celebrities they have met. Each story they tell will become more far-fetched with their stories at the beginning of the evening being completely different to their story at the end of the evening.

The incredibly experienced one - Event Personalities

The Smiley, Hard-working One.

This person always gets along with everyone and really takes care of the guests at the event. They are always a joy to have around and are a great person to go to if you need help with something, have a question, or would just like to have as company whilst you’re working at an event.

The smiley, hardworking one - event personalities

Grumpy Kitchen Porter.

The name says it all. They are found in the kitchen by the clearing station. They will get frustrated if you don’t follow the clearing system and if you don’t then vacate the clearing station fast enough. These characters will however will respond to politeness and manners. A spot of friendliness goes a long way with them.

The grumpy kitchen porter- event personalities

The Super Chatty Security Guard and Their Apparently Mute Partner.

This pair have an unspoken bond and are able to communicate through just expressions. Security guards will hear all sorts or conversations from gaggles of women heading to the bathroom, outrageous exclamations made by the most inebriated at the event and will find humor in these people by means of the most inconspicuous grin.

he Super Chatty Security Guard and Their Apparently Mute Partner - event personalities

The Statuesque Hostesses.

She stands for hours on end looking pretty, probably bored, or completing the alphabet backwards in order to pass some time. Quite often hostesses will attempt to engage in conversation with the “Super Chatty Security guard and his Apparently Mute Partner” and will form an unlikely friendship where the hostess will do most of the talking and the “Super Chatty Security Guard” will talk on behalf of himself and his partner. “The Apparently Mute Partner” will contribute to conversation only by means of nods or shakes of his head.

TempTribe hostess at InterContinental Westminster launch

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